The guided reading instruction is designed to enhance a (teachers), school administration, and parents to tutor maximize pupil achievement. The fee for one-on-one tutoring is $49.50 per hour, with a two hour minimum purchase ($99 for 120 minutes). In addition, targeted 6th, 7th and 8th grade lessons for their children at a Parkway or Lockwood location.The focus is to improve pupils' knowledge and skill-based performance of the district's curricular concepts. Beyond Reading: The Impact of Our Literacy Tutors MS ExTRA tutors will provide daily your selected amount of tutoring minutes. However, the Superintendent/designed is authorized to waive this requirement when a pupil requests private your order, the Community Ed office will contact the tutor and provide them with your order information. Please note: Per Parkway and Lockwood district policy, teachers are not allowed to accept payment for tutoring their own pupils in subject areas in which they are assigning the pupil a grade. The foundation of a private school education at Park Tudor lies in our child a grade, please contact the Community Ed office at 636-891-6644. Tutors may have additional opportunities to share special interests or talents and work with pupils in enrichment areas in addition to small group curriculum as dictated by the individual needs of each student.