An experienced attorney should be consulted when you suspect that your school has violated Title IX guidelines. If the school denies or doesn't respond to your claim, you could lose academic credit as well as any tuition fees you've already paid. Your case could also impact your employment prospects and prevent you receiving merit scholarships or financial aid. An attorney can help you navigate through the complex legal system surrounding Title IX. Ms. Emerzian is a lawyer and has experience in the development of policies, disciplinary hearings, and informal dispute resolution. She has extensive experience working with panels, conducting hearings as well as helping with restorative justice programs and informal resolutions. She is also able to work with students, faculty and administrators and provide recommendations about the best course of action for each case. In addition to addressing legal issues associated with Title IX compliance, experienced lawyers can provide advice on how to avoid being accused of violations. Title IX is a gender-neutral law that requires that educational institutions make the necessary accommodations. If students believe they've been the victim of sexual harassment, they can claim a Title IX claim. Attorneys who specialize in Title IX compliance can help parents file claims against their university or college. Experience is crucial but it is essential to select a lawyer with extensive knowledge of the law. Lawyers who are experienced have a solid track record. Choose an attorney with a proven track record in Title IX. A lawyer with many years of experience will help you resolve cases effectively. An attorney with a deep understanding of university Title IX regulations can make the difference between an effective resolution and a costly lawsuit. The best attorneys will also be willing to discuss fees in advance. Title IX is intended to protect against discrimination in federally-funded education programs. However it also applies to the employees of schools that are for profit. It prohibits discrimination based upon sex, relationship violence, bullying and other kinds of discrimination. More information on Title IX can be found on the Department of Justice website. The lawyers at Zendeh Del Law Firm can help you protect your rights and pursue justice for your employees. Title IX also protects students faculty, staff, and students. In many cases they can file a lawsuit against a university or college. Often, Title IX attorneys for universities are hired by employees on campus as Teaching Assistants. Students working in the athletics field also fall within the law. For example, female athletes may be denied access to training facilities or pay a different amount to male coaches. KJK: Student & Athlete Defense Title IX Attorneys