Top On-Page SEO Factors | On-Page SEO Tips Top On-Page CEO Factors | On-Page CEO Tips | In this lesson we will look at on-page CEO and tips for boosting your site's search engine rankings using a few simple tweaks. Full lesson notes: http://affiloramablog.Dom/Leo/on-page... 1. Top shelf, original content. This means at least 25% unique, and preferably 50% or more unique. Duplicate content is a huge no-go when it comes to CEO, so make sure you are publishing at least 25-50% unique content. 2. Put your keyword in the first 50 words on the page. This is where the search engines focus their attention on, so you want to make sure you put your keyword in the first 50 words so they know that your page is about whatever it is about. 3. Use a keyword density of at least 1% and at most 4%. 4. Pay attention to your title tags 5. Use your keywords as internal links 6. Use H1 tags Let us summarize In this lesson we talk about 6 things you can do to help improve your on-page CEO and boost your search engine rankings. These things were: Use top notch original content (at least 25% original, preferably 50% or more) Make sure you place your keyword in the first 50 words of your page's Keep your keyword density between 1% and 4%. Do not go local SEO over 4% Use your title tags Use your keyword in your link anchor text Use H1 tags More On-Page CEO Tips http://video.Dom/affiloramablog/top-o... Affilorama tube.Dom/watch? V=UfKusk... Affilo Blueprint tube.Dom/watch? V=Wj-QU... Getting The Answers For Intelligent Secrets Of [seo Services]